#Amreading: Sol Arbiter by J.N. Chaney & Jia Shen

“They call us Arbiters. We arbitrate conflict to keep the peace.”

In 2853, humanity has established a presence across the solar system. Linked by a network of FTL gateways called Boson Apertures, travel between the 7 colonized worlds and thousands of space colonies takes only hours.

The Sol Federation is the final authority, and the Arbiters travel the system to maintain order.

Arbiters Gabriel Anderson and Tycho Barrett have just been sent to intervene in a growing crisis on Venus. Information is limited, but they know two things:

Tower 7 has gone completely dark, and security androids are killing civilians.

No one knows what has become of the tower’s 520,000 residents or who is responsible for the mysterious assault, but the priority of the mission is clear.

Tycho and Gabriel must breach the tower, investigate the missing civilians, and locate the one responsible… all while trying to stay alive.

Witness the beginning of an expansive scifi epic in this first entry to the Sol Arbiter series. If you’re a fan of Altered Carbon, Dredd, or Blade Runner, you’ll love this cyberpunk thrill ride.

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First Chapter Impressions

So far, this seems like a good sci-fi read with a good hook in the beginning. The tagline is: “They call us Arbiters. We arbitrate conflict to keep the peace.” Arbiters Gabriel Anderson and Tycho Barrett are sent on a mission to Venus to figure out why Tower 7 has no power before half a million people die. If they fail, there’s no exfiltration. They have 36 hours. The problem is, they have no clue why the power went out. The suspense slowly builds from chapter one. I also love the legal vibe about this series.

Looks like a solid series to sink your teeth into. Four books so far; Sol Arbiter, Intrinsic Immortality, Digital Chimera, and Memetic Drift.

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